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Welcome to Spinspired

Just an update from Spinspired for all of our customers and friends during this difficult time.

Firstly, we hope that you all stay safe and well, as we are at the moment.

Unfortunately, but understandably, both ‘Spring into Wool’ and ‘Wonderwool’ have been postponed next month and we are hopeful that our next show could be ‘Fibre East’ at the end of July – here’s hoping!

We’re very lucky to be able to work at home, and creating handspun yarns, fleece, patterns and crafting equipment is therapeutic and a positive thing for us too.

We know that when we’ve beaten this evil COVID 19 virus we’ll all be desperate to get out and meet up with our customers, friends and family. In the meantime, we have technology so stay in touch!


Spinspired is a very small business run by me and my husband.

I have been a knitter for 54 years, having been taught by my granny when I was three years old. I have been spinning for slightly less time (about 35 years) and have always enjoyed knitting with yarn that I have made myself. Like most spinners that I know, I spin more yarn than I can ever knit up myself and so Spinspired was born.

Over the last few years my husband and I have been going to craft fairs and wool fairs initially selling hand spun wool and hand knitted products. We have gradually expanded the range of products we offer to include hand washed and carded fleece, unique knitting patterns, hand turned yarn bowls and hand crafted spinning and weaving equipment, including bespoke tapestry frames and peg looms. Our ethos is to enable and encourage those who are new to textile crafts to ‘have a go’, and for existing crafters to try something new. We believe in producing good quality basic equipment at reasonable prices in order to make textile crafts accessible and affordable. We enjoy demonstrating spinning and weaving techniques while we are at shows and are always willing to give help and advice whenever possible.

A question we are constantly being asked is “do you have a website?” Until quite recently the answer has been “no, but we will be setting one up soon”. ‘Soon’ has now arrived and, with great trepidation, I have embarked on joining the world wide web. I can knit anything you want but am a complete novice at website publishing, so please be patient and WATCH THIS SPACE!

Anna Holzer-Mountifield