Spinspired Fleece and Yarn

We supply hand washed and carded fleece for spinning, felting and other textile crafts. I source fleeces from local flocks whenever possible and am lucky enough to live in an area where various breeds are kept, including rare breeds and alpacas. My favourite fleeces are from a multi award winning flock of Sheltand sheep from Stoke Holy Cross. All the sheep in this flock are named, and each fleece is processed individually so that I can trace every bag of washed and carded fleece back to an individual sheep.
Raw fleeces are carefully cleaned, washed and carded before being packaged for sale or spun.


This is Billie. She loves helping me sort fleece!

Spinspired yarns are hand spun by me unless otherwise stated. I also hand dye commercial yarns.
I leave some yarn un-dyed as fleeces come in a lovely variety of soft natural colours, which can be mixed and blended to great effect. Other yarn is hand dyed using dye pigments, which can be set using only salt or vinegar. I do not use any harsh chemicals in the preparation of my products. I also use commercially prepared and dyed fleece and other natural fibres.

Hand spun yarn is, by it’s very nature, less even in thickness and texture than machine spun yarn. I give an idea of the weight or gauge of my yarns, based on wraps per inch, but would recommend that you always work a tension square before you begin your project, and adjust your needle or hook size accordingly. Every batch of hand spun yarn is unique and cannot be repeated exactly. Please make sure that the quantity you purchase is sufficient for your project as it will not be possible to produce more of the same.

Spinspired Designs

Spinspired knitted items are hand crafted, using both hand spun and commercially produced yarns (always stated in the item description) and, like my yarns, are unique. Because I am not very experienced at running a website, I have decided to sell my unique knitted items through Etsy. Our Etsy shop name is “Spinspired”.
My knitting patterns can be purchased by telephone or email order.

Spinspired “Ladybird” Equipment

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